Lac Ecluse is located in the municipality of Val-des-Monts, Quebec. The lake covers approximately 1.2 km2 with a  maximum depth of 43m.

Lakes are classified by their trophic status. Oligotrophic lakes are low in nutrients and hence are characterized by low plant productivity. Eutrophic lakes are high in nutrients and have high productivity. Eutrophic lakes can suffer from excess algae which can be toxic and reduces the oxygen available for other organisms in the lake. The trophic status of a lake is determined by measuring transparency, phosphorus, and chlorophyll A.

Federation des Lacs de Val-des-Monts Data

The Federation des Lacs de Val-des-Monts has occasionally conducted water qaulity and vegitation surveys on Lac Ecluse. The data from these surveys is archived here for easy access.

Municipality of Val-des-Months Data

Starting in 2021 Lac Ecluse is participating in the Val-des-Monts lake water quality monitoring program. Results of the testing are available on the Val-des-Monts web site for all lakes that participated in the program including Lac Ecluse.

The water quality data can also be found at Navigate to Data Platform -> Map View and locate the map to Lac Ecluse.